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Alexandre FONTAYNE

Expert anticorps et protéines recombinantes, fondateur et CEO de BE4S.


Alexandre is graduated of PhD in Biological Science. He created Bio-Experts for Success (BE4S) in 2019 after a 15 years of experience in Research and Development, including 12 years in pharma industry during which he published more than 26 scientific articles.

He managed teams who successfully designed and produced innovative molecules with demonstrated in vitro, in vivo efficacy as well as in human in a broad range of diseases (Cancer, hematological, immunological and infectious diseases).

He prepared industrial cell clones producing drug candidates (antibody, enzyme). He participated to several first in man of different biotherapeutics, each time by genetically characterizing the cell clone and by writing chapters of the regulatory dossier (IMPD) or by meeting the regulator (EMA, Type C meeting at the PEI).

He has a good knowledge of Industrial property and he is inventor of eleven patents that conducted him to their valorization with the Business Development team.


Bioprocédés en USP : de l’hybridome à la clarification